Walden university papers data information knowledge wisdom

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Walden university papers data information knowledge wisdom

Walden university papers data information knowledge wisdom

Castro Abstract The following study was undertaken because there was a need to establish whether training information at a local guarantor was relevant to employees and clients. Utilizing transformative learning theory, the purpose of this case study was to explore what the guarantor's employees and management require for new account advisors by conducting open-ended interviews with the guarantor's employees.

The guarantor's director secured collections contracts and a long-term enrollment advising contract with a new online university. For the guarantor to have trained account advisors, managers must know what kind of training is necessary.

Secondly, the university enrollment is growing, and that could necessitate more advisors to address the increase in student population. During the data collection phase, 9 guarantor employees participated in interviews. The guarantor's managers and employees were asked what training the guarantor requires of new account advisors, what training new hires need, and what training methods should be employed.

Thematic coding, content analysis, and triangulation were used to analyze the data. Themes from the results included participatory training, experience required, and customer service.

Based on the data analysis, a position paper was created to recommend role-playing, shadowing, and other training methods. The recommendations were made to ensure training and learning are ongoing, relevant to the assigned tasks, and that the guarantor's managers ask clients to play an active role in account advisor training.

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Download file to see previous pages The data represents the research question. This is statement of event without relating it with other things (Bellinger, Castro & Mills, ).

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I am a couple classes away from completing my MBA through Northcentral University. The university is very affordable and offers flexible scheduling. Knowledge is information that is synthesized so that relationships are identified and formalized. Figure 1 depicts the relationship of data, information and knowledge.

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