Uva transfer application essay

So if you're interested in being a Stanford transfer student, you're going to have to go above and beyond the basic transfer requirements. While some of you may do this on your own after reading this post, others may benefit even further with a step-by-step action plan like this transfer guide. The first necessary step is to fully understand what your motive is in transferring to Stanford from community college or another university. If the main reason you want to go to a certain university is for the bragging rights associated with it, perhaps you're in it for the wrong reason and Stanford is not the university for you.

Uva transfer application essay

In all cases, the term diaspora carries a sense of displacement the population so described finds itself for whatever reason separated from its national territory, and usually its people have a hope, or at least a desire, to return to their homeland at some point, if the "homeland" still exists in any meaningful sense.

In this sense, individuals may have multiple homes throughout their diaspora, with different reasons for maintaining some form of attachment to each. Uva transfer application essay cultural development often assumes a different course from that of the population in the original place of settlement.

Over time, remotely separated communities tend to vary in culture, traditions, language and other factors. The last vestiges of cultural affiliation in a diaspora is often found in community resistance to language change and in maintenance of traditional religious practice.

These included criteria that the group maintains a myth or collective memory of their homeland; they regard their ancestral homeland as their true home, to which they will eventually return; being committed to the restoration or maintenance of that homeland; and they relate "personally or vicariously" to the homeland to a point where it shapes their identity.

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He suggests that one element of this expansion in use "involves the application of the term diaspora to an ever-broadening set of cases: The majority of works in the s were also about the Jewish diaspora, but in only two out of 20 books sampled out of a total of were about the Jewish case, with a total of eight different diasporas covered.

Most early discussions of diaspora were firmly rooted in a conceptual 'homeland'; they were concerned with a paradigmatic case, or a small number of core cases.

The paradigmatic case was, of course, the Jewish diaspora; some dictionary definitions of diaspora, until recently, did not simply illustrate but defined the word with reference to that case.

More recently, it has been applied to emigrant groups that continue their involvement in their homeland from overseas, such as the category of long-distance nationalists identified by Benedict Anderson.

Brubaker notes that as examples: Furthermore, "labour migrants who maintain to some degree emotional and social ties with a homeland" have also been described as diasporas. Here, Brubaker cites "transethnic and transborder linguistic categories For example, science diasporas are communities of scientists who conduct their research away from their homeland.

While corporate diaspora seems to avoid or contradict connotations of violence, coercion and unnatural uprooting historically associated to the notion of diaspora, its scholarly use may heuristically describe the ways in which corporations function alongside diasporas.

In this way, corporate diaspora might foreground the racial histories of diasporic formations without losing sight of the cultural logic of late capitalism in which corporations orchestrate the transnational circulation of people, images, ideologies and capital. African diaspora One of the largest diaspora of modern times is that of Sub-Saharan Africans, which dates back several centuries.

During the Atlantic slave trade9. Prior to the trans-Atlantic slave trade, millions of Africans had moved and settled as merchants, seamen and slaves in different parts of Europe and Asia.

From the 8th through the 19th centuries, an Arab-controlled slave trade dispersed millions of Africans to Asia and the islands of the Indian Ocean. In pursuing a unified future, the African Union AU will allow people to move freely between the 54 countries of the AU under a visa free passport and encourage migrants to return to Africa.

The mass emigration that occurred from the 19th century to was caused mainly by wars and starvation in mainland Chinaas well as political corruption. Most immigrants were illiterate or poorly educated peasants and coolies Chinese: The largest Asian diaspora outside of Southeast Asia is the Indian diaspora.

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The overseas Indian community, estimated at over 25 million, is spread across many regions in the world, on every continent. It constitutes a diverse, heterogeneous and eclectic global community representing different regions, languages, cultures, and faiths see Desi.

At least three waves of Nepalese diaspora can be identified. The earliest wave dates back to hundreds of years as early marriage and high birthrates propelled Hindu settlement eastward across Nepal, then into Sikkim and Bhutan.

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A backlash developed in the s as Bhutan's political elites realized that Bhutanese Buddhists were at risk of becoming a minority in their own country. At least 60, ethnic Nepalese from Bhutan have been resettled in the United States. The third wave began in the s as land shortages intensified and the pool of educated labor greatly exceeded job openings in Nepal.

Current estimates of the number of Nepalese living outside Nepal range well up into the millions. In Siamregional power struggles among several kingdoms in the region led to a large diaspora of ethnic Lao between the s—s by Siamese rulers to settle large areas of the Siamese kingdom's northeast region, where Lao ethnicity is still a major factor in During this period, Siam decimated the Lao capital, capturing, torturing and killing the Lao king Anuwongse.

In ancient times, the trading and colonising activities of the Greek tribes from the Balkans and Asia Minor spread people of Greek culture, religion and language around the Mediterranean and Black Sea basins, establishing Greek city-states in Magna Graecia Sicilysouthern Italynorthern Libyaeastern Spainthe south of Franceand the Black Sea coasts.

Greeks founded more than colonies. Alexander the Great 's conquest of the Achaemenid Empire marked the beginning of the Hellenistic periodcharacterized by a new wave of Greek colonization in Asia and Africawith Greek ruling-classes established in Egyptsouthwest Asia and northwest India.Advice for Transferring to Another Law School.

This article is based off of a series of blog posts by TLS Forum user “Arrow”, who started off at Loyola Los Angeles but transferred to Berkeley Law after a successful 1L year.

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Uva transfer application essay
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