The sniper essay

The author indirectly characterizes the Sniper, showing him to fairly nonchalant. The flash might be seen in the darkness, and there were enemies watching. He decided to take the risk.

The sniper essay

Hire Writer Therefore the million-dollar question is, can the person in question prepared to carry out this brutal act of murder?

In my opinion, Officer Joan Gardner is fit for that job. The highest scorer in all but one subject in the art of sniping, she is an ideal candidate for all police or military constituencies. Her one possible weakness is fear, which she came sixth in the exam for.

However, this did not worry me, a sixth is not very low in that field anyway. Therefore, in my professional opinion, she is highly recommended to all organisations. She definitely qualifies for all sniper related activities.

She glanced up and saw the light reflecting of the lockers. The light was bright, almost blinding but for some reason she was transfixed on the light. Soon it darkened and the bleakness of the military green lockers rose up again. She folded the white and black letter in three and placed it in her open locker.

The locker was neatly laid out with two books stacked The sniper essay the right.

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On her left was a set of papers, mostly letters from home, which she placed the letter in her hand on top of. A photograph of her and her family was firmly stuck with blue tack of the corners in the centre of her locker.

She admired the photo and smiled. Her soft skinny finger reached out and touched the face of her father. She was then overcome with a feeling of remorse and sadness, but she did not cry.

She only breathed deeply but slowly and shut her locker firmly. Suddenly, a loud noise, much like a smoke alarm filled the room and roared down the ears or everyone in the room.

She looked above her to see the bright scarlet red light gleaming, like the sun, in her eyes. The light rotated at a constant speed. She gawked at the light, mouth wide open and soon realised that this would be her first day on the job. Everyone moved about a second after hearing the siren. The sudden rush of movement was almost like a Christmas sale, officers were running in all directions.

However it was not panic, everybody knew where and when to go, almost like an educated Christmas rush.

The Sniper We can see the author indicated the idea of cruelty, irrational, and futility of the war from the story, The Sniper.
Popular Topics The author indirectly characterizes the Sniper, showing him to fairly nonchalant. The flash might be seen in the darkness, and there were enemies watching.
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Everything slowed down, as if in slow motion. Fixed in her position she glanced and watched at the people running to the ammunition room to collect their weapons and gear. She then breathed in deeply again and ran as the others were into the room.

She was clearly there later than the rest as most of them were halfway suited up.

The sniper essay

She picked up her body armour. The words of someone close to her muttered on her conscience. The actual armour was jet black and padded very carefully.

It was soft against her hands. The stitched finish between each pad was impressive. It was hard to believe that this would save her life one day. Then she put on her strap with holders, one for her sidearm and several others. Then she put on her navy blue baggy pants and jacket.

She tried to remember what she needed to take while still trying to bury the memories of her past. She packed her night vision goggles that looked like something out of a Star Wars movie and halted to marvel at the two green round emeralds, which were her goggles.

She looked up and saw her colleagues almost ready.On the other hand, ¡§The Sniper¡¨ also discusses the power of war, depicting it as the decider of life and death for men.

The Sniper – Assignment Example

Its force is further emphasised when neighbours are turned into enemies under war¡¦s influence. Essay about A summary of "The Sniper" by Liam O'Flaherty.

Liam O'Flaherty did an excellent job in employing stylistic devices in "The Sniper ". There were significant amounts of imagery, which enhanced the reader's imagination while reading the book. American Sniper is a film based on the biography of Chris Kyle (America’s most dangerous sniper), it was released in and was directed by Clint Eastwood.

This essay will focus on the way that key micro features help to create a. The sniper essay The Sniper is a short story about a sniper, set in the Irish civil war The author uses characterization, symbolism and third person limited point of view to . Apr 21,  · All in all, the sniper’s personality was written to be very conflicting and controversial “The Sniper” places a strong emphasis on the evils of war, and .

The sniper essay

Nov 01,  · The vocabulary used to describe the sniper and his actions were so persuasive that even I felt the emotions running through me. For example, “The sniper turned over the dead body and looked into his brother’s face”.

This discovery made by the sniper sent a chill down my back as though it was very surreal and hard to believe.

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