The role of narrating and editing

Posting pengumuman; sharing ide keempat layanan di atas; semua layanan dilakukan oleh seorang NEB Kami memberikan keempat layanan profesional di atas dengan gambaran sbb.: Revising dan editing pada dasarnya adalah perbaikan sebuah teks lebih kepada aspek bahasa dan bukan isi atau substansinya. Proofreading adalah pengecekan sebuah teks untuk meyakinkan bahwa aspek bahasanya sudah tepat, sedangkan isi atau substansinya sudah benar. Proofreader-nya biasanya harus memberikan keterangan bahwa teksnya sudah di-proofread.

The role of narrating and editing

Abstract This research empirically tests whether using a fictional narrative produces a greater impact on health-related knowledge, attitudes, and behavioral intention than presenting the identical information in a The role of narrating and editing traditional, nonfiction, non-narrative format.

The narrative was more effective in increasing cervical cancer-related knowledge and attitudes. Moreover, in response to the narrative featuring Latinas, Mexican Americans were most transported, identified most with the characters, and experienced the strongest emotions.

Regressions revealed that transportation, identification with specific characters, and emotion each contributed to shifts in knowledge, attitudes, and behavioral intentions.

Thus, narrative formats may provide a valuable tool in reducing health disparities. Despite a dramatic decline in incidence due mostly to increased rates of screening in the United States, there remain significant disparities in the incidence of and mortality from cervical cancer Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], Compliance with screening guidelines is particularly low among Hispanics National Cancer Institute, Moreover, when they are screened, both Hispanics and African Americans tend to have more advanced stages of cervical cancer, which limits treatment options and outcomes.

African American women, for example, tend to have lower five-year survival rates and die more often from cervical cancer than any other racial or ethnic group in the country, as well as a rate twice that of their European American counterparts CDC, In sum, although rates of cervical cancer screening have improved in the last two decades in the United States, screening of Hispanics and African American women have not increased at the same pace.

Nor are such health disparities limited to cervical cancer. As Kreuter et al. In order to reduce current inequities in the prevalence of and mortality from disease, we need more culturally sensitive health information presented in a more accessible and appealing format. The current research investigates the relative efficacy of changing health-related knowledge, attitudes, and behavioral intentions using a fictional narrative compared to a more traditional nonfictional non-narrative format.

Although this research focuses on cervical cancer, our results may have implications for a variety of health conditions. Narratives and Health Communication The power and perseverance of a narrative or story structure has been recognized and utilized for thousands of years Fisher, Yet when it comes time to craft health messages designed to convey crucial, potentially life-saving health information, Western medicine typically presents this vital information as a list of risk factors, recommended prevention steps, symptoms, and treatment options Kreuter et al.

However, when asked to explain the relative absence of narrative health messages being employed in the United States, the medical establishment often points to what they consider to be a lack of rigorous evidence that narrative could be a superior conduit Francis Collins, Director of NIH, personal communication.

Change at the national level is unlikely without the functional equivalent of randomized clinical trials that contrast the relative effectiveness of health information conveyed using a non-narrative format against the same information conveyed in a fictional narrative and that demonstrates that the narrative is superior.

And second, if narratives are effective, we must establish which theoretical mechanisms underlie their persuasive influence in order to ensure their continued success.

The past two decades have seen an increase in research comparing narrative versus non-narrative communication and the conceptual mechanisms underlying the variation in observed effects.

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Others have used exemplars or personal stories and compared them to factual or evidence-based non-narrative messages to study the differential impact on health-related outcomes.

Two additional recent studies also looked at narrative exemplars in news story formats. Overall, relative to the non-narrative news, the news story with exemplars produced more empathy, a more favorable attitude, and greater behavioral intent and information-seeking behavior.

Results from experiments by Kim et al. The purpose of the current study is to build on this ongoing research trajectory and help provide the sort of empirical evidence on the relative efficacy of narratives versus non-narratives required to propel narratives into mainstream health campaigns and messaging.

To do so, we use the framework provided by Kreuter et al. It is important to note that although the current study uses a fictional narrative, this does not preclude the possibility that nonfictional narratives such as documentaries, personal stories, or testimonials could also produce effects.

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In the past, researchers have noted the difficulty in producing or selecting appropriately engaging narrative and non-narrative messages for comparison within studies. This concern is exacerbated when working with films for which audiences typically expect high production quality.

To address this challenge, this study brought together an interdisciplinary team composed of communication scholars, filmmakers, and medical experts to produce two original films with high production value.

Our first hypothesis was that compared to women who receive cancer-related information in a nonfiction, non-narrative format, those women who receive the same information in a fictional narrative format will have a increased knowledge with respect to cervical cancer risk, screening, treatment, and prevention; b more positive attitudes toward screening behaviors; and c increased behavioral intent to be screened.

Below we describe the three theoretical mechanisms most often cited as underlying the persuasive influence of narratives—identification, transportation, and emotion.

The role of narrating and editing

In essence, individuals are more likely to mimic behaviors that they have seen modeled than behaviors that have been recommended but not demonstrated Bandura, Furthermore, individuals appear to more readily adopt behaviors demonstrated by models they consider similar to themselves Bandura, Singhal and Rogersfor instance, found young Latina viewers of telenovelas were most strongly influenced by young Latina characters in the programs.

Similarly, in McQueen et al. The current research uses the term identification to refer to four related constructs: Transportation is important not only in its relationship to enjoyment of a narrative Green et al.

For example, Green and Brock found that transportation into a written narrative was positively associated with accepting the beliefs portrayed in the narrative.the flexibility of film form by blurring boundaries of film categorization Films may be categorized according to a variety of systems.

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The film industry catalogs movies according to all of the following EXCEPT __________________. Narrating, Recording And Editing When you’re going through a manuscript, be sure to add markings that remind you when to breathe, add a pause, change characters and vary vocal inflection.

Note any changes in roles such as when the narrator is speaking versus when . On set, the Director's role can vary greatly depending on who they are and what their background is.

They will have many collaborators and often a lot of the creative ideas will come from others in the team, with the Director effectively choosing what they feel are the best ideas. Tentang ‘Revising’, ‘Editing’, ‘Proofreading’, dan ‘Narrating’ Teks.

21 Jul, Narrating adalah pembacaan sebuah teks yang direkam untuk keperluan software as well as one that forms public opinion in the most potent and effective way.

The new role function that the press assume can be run optimally if there is a. The role of narrating and editing in The Great Gatsby Nick Caraway. The Narrator. The Editor. Throughout the novel, Nick is used in two different ways to tell the story of The Great Gatsby. He is used as the narrator; to over look and to tell the reader what happened in that summer.

He is also used as a character in his own story to link all. Instead of merely narrating a key moment in your memoir, consider how relating the incident with dialogue would invigorate the text and add to the narrative.

David Henderson is a .

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