Strategic operations management som marketing essay

In regard to the value chain, it is important to point out the fact that it implies the chain of activities which are applied by the company for delivering its products and services to the end consumers.

Strategic operations management som marketing essay

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Rio Tinto limited is a multinational company dealing in metals and mining processes. The company began in when investors from different parts of the world bought mining ground that was at river Rio Tonto.

The crisis marked one of the recent tragedies in the world of commerce. Rio Tinto Limited felt the wrath of this financial phenomenon. Forbes ranked the company among the top five in Australia in when crisis was marking its first phase. The company is involved in the production of raw materials used in metal industries such as copper, diamond, bauxite, core, uranium, and iron ore.

Strategic Operations Management Essay |

Rio Tinto is equally famous for mining industrial minerals such as titanium dioxide, gypsum, talc borates, and salt. The Strategic management theory has key elements that relate to Rio Tinto during and post crisis era.

Both the internal and external environments must balance for the success of the business. The external environment affecting the operations of the company comprise of the customers, competitors, and the immediate community.

Rio Tinto is based in Australia, though it has major branches in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. According to the National Census, Australia has a population of 21, people. This means that the domestic market is equally big. The strategic management theory focuses on markets.

It seeks to identify the plans of the management regarding the established markets and the new markets. What management strategies will ensure that the existing markets are retained?

Strategic operations management som marketing essay

How can the businesses make an entry into other new places? The financial crisis threatened the success of company compared to other Australian businesses like the National Australia Bank that has its activities centralized within the continent.

Access into new markets proved difficult. Most of the capital was channeled towards activities aimed at saving the existing markets. Despite these challenges, Rio Tinto rose to create new links in Indonesia and improve its presence in most parts of Europe and America.

In the recent past, the company has increased its entry into the numerous islands surrounding Australia Rio Tinto, The Role of the Internal Environment Strategic management emphasizes on the role of the internal and external environments in achieving the goals of the business.

Internal environment comprises of the shareholders and employees. Rio Tinto has a well-defined hierarchy of leadership. The company has a large number of employees in the processing, manufacturing and delivery sectors.Six relevant disciplines are involved in the development, implementation, and assessment of communications by organizations: management, marketing, public relations, technical communication.

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Strategic operations management som marketing essay

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