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SBAR Communication Helps Nurses Apr 14, Blog Nurses know how important communication is in the midst of their typically fast-paced and hectic day, and without excellent communication skills, time can be wasted.

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Learning Objectives Following implementation of these strategies, the student nurse will: Describe examples of the impact of team functioning during patient care hand-offs on safety and quality of care.

Appreciate the risks associated with the timing of hand-offs among providers and across transitions of care. Strategy Overview A hand-off is a transfer and acceptance of patient care responsibility achieved through effective communication. Student nurses are involved in some manner of hand-off communication prior to initiating care and at the conclusion of their clinical day.

SBAR Peek-a-Boo™ Card It was then used in the aviation industry, which adopted a similar model before it was put into use in health care. The main purpose was to alleviate communication problems traced from the differences in communication styles between healthcare professionals.
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Submitter Information Communication and Documentation Communication Clear communication is imperative in the health care environment and occurs between various individuals on a daily basis by way of verbal, non-verbal and written communication. Communication is essentially the activity of relaying information, expressing emotions and building relationships Smallwood,
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Observations of our students Sbar change hand-offs in the clinical setting revealed a process replete with potential for error. For example, when students listened to hand-offs between staff nurses, they were often unable to get close enough to clearly hear the report or to understand the medical jargon nurses used.

Hand-offs were frequently interrupted by occurrences happening at shift change and nurses were sometimes unable to review patient data with students due to the responsibilities of shift change.

Implementation of the Strategy: The Joint Commission Hand-off Communication Failures includes several strategies that might be helpful to student nurses.

These strategies involve the development and use of standardized forms, including SBAR tools, establishing a workspace or setting that is conducive for sharing information about patients, and examining the work flow of health care workers to ensure a successful hand-off, focusing on the system, not just the people.

Similar adaptations were made for our students, including the timing of hand-offs to a less stressful time for staff nurses. Nursing staff were surveyed regarding when hand-off communication to students would work best in their schedule. Staff agreed that a clinical start time approximately one hour after usual shift change would be the least stressful time.

A later clinical start time was implemented with our students.

Sbar change

Submitted Materials Additional Materials Evaluation Description To evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies, students and staff nurses were surveyed about their experience at the end of the clinical rotation survey forms attached.

All students and nurses reported more privacy, fewer interruptions and adequate time for hand-off communication. Students felt more confident in the provision of safe care to their patients.

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Nurses agreed that patient safety was enhanced. Both students and staff nurses noted that the change to a later timing of hand-offs did not negatively impact their patient care.

Sbar change

In fact, nurses commented that they felt less hassled by students, were able to provide more thorough hand-off communication and had more time to answer questions.

The age old practice of having student nurses present at change of shift time for hand-offs may not be the best and safest teaching strategy.SBAR didn’t originate in Healthcare, but came from the Navy as a communication method for use on submarines. SBAR can be done verbally, or an organization can use an SBAR .

Mar 14,  · What is SBAR? SBAR is a form of reporting that is used to increase the continuity of care and patient safety.

SBAR Tool: Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation

SBAR is a technique used for health care . The AN/SPY-1 is a United States Navy 3D radar system manufactured by Lockheed array is a passive electronically scanned system and is a key component of the Aegis Combat system is computer controlled, using four complementary antennas to provide degree coverage.

The system was first installed in on USS Norton Sound and entered active service in as the SPY-1A. For a doctor or PA/NP who already knows the patient, you can do a shortened SBAR by stating name, the situation, the pertinent assessment (change in vital signs, mental status, respiratory, GI, GU, lab work), vital signs and your recommendation.

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