Nps thesis sharepoint

Python is the official student management system used to maintain your academic record while at NPS. Individual SOF responses provided by the student, permits useful evaluation of both the instruction and the course.

Nps thesis sharepoint

What is the difference between an abstract and an executive summary? Click here for a short discussion of abstracts and executive summaries and for a list of the departments that require an executive summary all theses must contain an abstract. For formatting considerations of an executive summary, see p.

Click here for help deciding which software to use. Just remember that any software-created list will need manual editing for format and punctuation—sometimes substantially. Nps thesis sharepoint text will now be normal text so that you can edit it.

Nps thesis sharepoint

When I insert a cross reference, a period comes with it. How do I remove the period? The easiest thing to do is to place all cross references at the end of the sentence—the period would then perform its intended function ending the sentence.

If you really want the cross references to remain in the middle of sentences, and you do not have many of them, wait until figures or tables are in their permanent places in your file. Then, one by one, highlight each cross reference and press Control, Shift, F9. This converts the cross reference to normal text, and you can then simply delete the unneeded period.

Alternatively, if you have many instances to fix: Insert cross references where needed. Next, remove the period and tab space from the Figure Caption style.

Then, highlight all body text, and press Control, Shift, F9 or Control 6. This breaks the linked fields. Now find any sentences that end with a cross reference and re-insert the periods.

Finally, re-add the period to the Figure Caption style. Of course, wait until your figures and tables are in their permanent positions before you do this.

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If you need help, see your thesis processor. Where can I get help with writing or formatting my thesis? Please drop by our offices; we are happy to show you how to use the template. You can also watch formatting in action in the brief video or get written instructions starting on page 1 of the thesis template.

For writing help, the Graduate Writing Center offers one-to-one coach and workshops. A writing coach can review your work and help you express your ideas clearly, powerfully, and concisely.

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Please visit its website to make an appointment. The Naval Postgraduate School does not endorse or recommend particular editors or editing companies.

If you wish to hire an editor, we offer this guidance. International students have access to free editing of their nearly final drafts; see this timeline for details.Uploading to SharePoint. In the Thesis Library, click on the desired folder, then Upload.

Click Browse and select the file from your computer. The small box should have a checkmark.

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A comment is optional. Click OK.. Now, click Check you don't check the file in, we can't see it! For help with the Python thesis module, c lick here. During your graduation quarter, you are required to submit your thesis, dissertation, MBA report, JAP or capstone to Thesis Processing for review.

Attending the thesis brief is the first step in the process of working with the Thesis Processing Office. NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL Monterey, California THESIS COLLABORATIVE PLANNING SOLUTIONS: USING Sharepoint Portal Server It combines the ability to easily create corporate Web portals with document management, enterprise content indexing, and team collaboration features.

All information contained herein has been approved for release by the NPS Public Affairs Officer. Upload the edited document back to the SharePoint site. Footnote Fonts in the Thesis Template Write-N-Cite will not enter footnotes in the font size defined by the thesis template.

Nps thesis sharepoint

ITACS will create a SharePoint thesis site for you at the beginning of your second-to-last quarter using information from Python. If you would like a thesis SharePoint site sooner than that, fill in your thesis title and thesis advisor information in Python (Instructions here) and then send a request for the site to be created to the TAC.

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