How to write a business thank you note for an interview

By Laura DeCarlo When the interview ends, there is still more to do in order to clinch the deal. At the Start of the Job Interview Lay the groundwork for effective job interview follow-up at the beginning of the intereview by collecting the information you will need after the interview.

How to write a business thank you note for an interview

Writing Your Thank You Message

The applicant may be a great fit for the company, but failing to send a thank you letter after the interview shows a lack of courtesy and appreciation. These qualities are viewed by most employers as essential for good company culture. This is the way for candidates to reinforce their interest in the position and differentiate themselves from the other candidates.

According to Accountemps, 87 percent of employers consider an email as an appropriate way to express thanks after a job interview. However, if the company culture is more traditional, a hand written note or typed letter that is sent through the mail is more appropriate.

2 Basic Formats for Formal Thank You Notes

This is considered intrusive. Another thing that is not at all appreciated and may even work against the candidate is a text message. Express Appreciation Finally, the candidate should express appreciation for the time given and that he or she understands the next steps in the hiring process.

The candidate should include contact information even though the information is on the application. This makes it easier for the hiring manager.

Jun 08,  · When you first get home after a job interview, don't begin your thank-you note right away. Tell somebody about the interview, instead! Share as many details as you can remember. Feb 22,  · What should go in the perfect post-interview thank-you note? Here are examples! Small Business Under 30 Your quick note card thank-you shows that you know how to write and how to be polite. In part, sending a thank you note is simply a traditional post-interview courtesy. It shows the employer you are polite and professional. It is also a way to remind the employer who you are, as he or she begins to make hiring decisions.

Timing is very important. Thank you letters should be sent the same day as the interview. If the candidate waits several days to send the letter he or she risks that the interviewer has forgotten about them, that other candidates have sent thank you letters earlier, and that they may appear to be too casual about getting the job.

If the interview was arranged by a friend or colleague, they should also be sent a thank you note after the interview is complete. If after one email, a printed letter after a few days and a phone call at the time they gave for a decision, the candidate gets no response, they should move on.

If the candidate participated in several interviews, he or she should send a personalized letter to each person who interviewed them.

how to write a business thank you note for an interview

This letter can be sent by email or written in formal business style and sent by mail. If it is sent by email, the candidate should be very careful not to include any texting language or emoticons. It should still be formal with correct spelling and grammar.A thank you note also shows your interviewer that you appreciate their time, and are eager to hear from them soon.

Read below for tips on how to write a thank you letter after an use the template below to start your own thank you note.

how to write a business thank you note for an interview

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Oct 28,  · If you choose to hand-write your thank you note: Choose a card that is simple and sophisticated. A cream or white-colored card with an embossed "Thank You" 71%(21).

Thank You Email After Interview Template | Template Business

Writing an effective interview thank you letter can increase your chances of landing that job you're after. Here, we're going to go over some tips for writing highly effective interview thank you notes to give you the best chance at employment.

If you were Googling “thank-you note after interview” in the hopes that someone on the World Wide Web would tell you they’re outdated and relieve you of your duty, you’re in the wrong place. It's best to send a thank you note within 24 hours of your interview.

That way, you're still on the minds of your interviewers and it's easier for you to remember important details from your.

How to Write a Thank You Email After an Interview (+10 Examples)