Devil and tom walker

Now, an American short story in Special English.

Devil and tom walker

Before we begin our story, let us go back years to the late s. In those years, one of the most famous men in the world was Captain William Kidd. Captain Kidd was a pirate.

Devil and tom walker

He sailed the seas, capturing any ships he found. He and his men took money from these ships. Captain Kidd hid this money in different places. Captain Kidd was captured by the English in Boston, Massachusetts and executed in the year The people who lived in Massachusetts in the seventeen hundreds believed Captain Kidd buried some of his treasure near Boston.

Not far from Boston was a small river which ran into the Atlantic Ocean. An old story said that Captain Kidd had come up this river from the ocean. Then he buried his gold and silver and jewels under a big tree.

The story said that this treasure was protected by the devil himself, who was a good friend of Captain Kidd. In the year seventeen twenty-seven, a man named Tom Walker lived near this place.

Tom Walker was not a pleasant man. He loved only one thing -- money. There was only one person worse than Tom. That was his wife. She also loved money. These two were so hungry for money that they even stole things from each other. One day, Tom Walker was returning home through a dark forest.

He walked slowly and carefully, so that he would not fall into a pool of mud. At last, he reached a piece of dry ground.The Devil and Tom Walker has 1, ratings and 94 reviews.

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Duane said: It’s an old story, a story told a thousand times in a thousand different ways: a g /5. "The Devil and Tom Walker" is a short story by Washington Irving that first appeared in his collection Tales of a Traveller, as part of the "Money-Diggers" section.

The story is very similar to the German legend of Faust. The Devil and Tom Walker. 26 likes. Washington Irving's short story of greed and vengeance, and the price to be paid for them. Script created The Devil and Tom Walker is the story of the two titular characters: the money-grubbing Tom Walker, a cheap and stingy “miser,” who lives with his equally greedy, but more abusive wife, and the Devil, who in this story takes the form of a lumberjack, chopping wood in a deep swamp near an old Indian fortress left over from King Phillip’s The Devil And Tom Walker, Page 1: Read The Devil And Tom Walker, by Author Washington Irving Page by Page, now.

Free, Online. This is a short analysis on the story "Devil and Tom Walker". This story is written by Washington Irving during Irving used this story as an American version of Faust. by edwin in Types > School Work and devil and tom

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