Challeges facing mortgage financing in kenya

I consistently get one to two emails every week on the topic of mortgages. What I have discovered over the past few months is that there are many of you out there who are looking to buy a home while living overseas, but are having extreme difficulty in securing a mortgage. Many of you refer to my article from some time ago which goes in to detail about what I encountered while looking for a mortgage. As relevant as the information might be to most mortgage-seekers, the article was written from the perspective of someone living in Ireland.

Challeges facing mortgage financing in kenya

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Out of responses I quickly saw a pattern. These days if you have been lucky enough to hold on to your loan officer job for any amount of time, you know the market enforces new rules on us every month. This paperwork takes away time from your prospecting abilities.

Gone are the days of working 3 hour days and earning multiple six figures in annual income. No matter what part of the country your loan officer job is in, you face struggles.

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There were some variances in the answers provided to me in the survey based on geographic location, but all in all, we face the same issue everywhere. Each time I speak to a new LO, they tell me it is different in their marketplace. After reviewing the results of the survey sent out to all of these loan officers, the same 5 afflictions hinder us all.

I made this short video to not only show you what other LOs are saying about the struggles they face, but to also give you the solutions to these 5 issues.

My solutions are always stoopidly simple.

Challeges facing mortgage financing in kenya

You will also see the simple solution to these problems that was right under your eyes all along. Stop blaming underwriters, processors and appraisers.

Take action and take control.October 11, Neil Monahan Finance & Insurance Marketing in today’s world is difficult.

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The sheer number of touch points and channels that marketers are required to manage is a challenge, but marketers in the financial services industry have some extra challenges to overcome.

The objective of the study is to identify environmental challenges facing financial sector and in particular National Bank of Kenya and the strategic responses adapted by the bank to overcome these challenges.

opportunities for financial stability and bank supervision in the 21st century as we commemorate central bank of kenya’s 50th but the challenges facing supervisors are constantly evolving and auditors of commercial banks and mortgage finance companies to conduct ict audits on the institutions.


as an emerging issue, it will be. industry in Kenya. The huge loan delinquency hinders financial access facilitation to the microfinance client. Loan delinquency may negatively affect the level of private investment; constrain the scope of MFIs credit to borrowers through reduction of MFIs’ capital, and accumulation of losses to compensate for loan .

Challeges facing mortgage financing in kenya

this are real challenges facing the field of comparative education and in my view comparative education is a whole mountain to climb hence need to analyze it in regard of political,social,economic,cultural aspects of various echo!

Although Kenya prides itself in having a high number of skilled health workers, these may, however, not be available to those who need them most.

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