Cadbury crush case

However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that. More new posts will be added below this one. The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo.

Cadbury crush case

The title refers to the toy store where the main characters work, and the strip starts with Robin DeSanto—It's Walky! Mike has already been working there for some time by then, in spite of They're joined by Ethan Siegal, a self-righteous toy obsessive; Amber O'Malley, a recovered introvert; and a host of otherseach with their own quirks and neuroses, with the cast gradually expanding and contracting over its run.

The general tone of the comic is lighter and wackier than its predecessors, and though its characters do indulge in angst from time to time, it's more the result of, say, the moral ramifications of keeping your boss prisoner in a storage closet than any realism in the storylines.

It's also more pop-culture oriented — jokes regarding Transformers and Batman abound — and more prone to filler than Willis's previous works. Whether or not this is a bad thing depends on how big a fan you are of Transformers and Batman. The website underwent a major overhaul in Unfortunately, because this overhaul involved a complete restructuring of the comic's archives, all links on TV Tropes to specific strips up to that time became invalid.

A whole lotta Wiki Magic is going to be needed to get all these links up to date. On January 17,Shortpacked's ninth birthday, Willis announced that Shortpacked! Although the comic is over, the Shortpacked!

For Malaya, it seems every hobby is something worthy of total derision. At one point, she put the moves on Leslie, seemingly without being aware she's a die-hard sci-fi fan. African-American Lucy looked set to take up the mantle of Amazi-Girl until she decided it wasn't her thing.

She ends up wearing the costume in the final two strips.

Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: But why should that ruin a good joke? Willis already had a pretty consistent style by the beginning of the series, but as the series has gone on it's gone from black-and-white to color, changed the color palette, and tended away from the more dynamic art of the initial strips.

The antics of the sexual beings and their drama continue to annoy her. Asexual doesn't mean aromantic, though; both her and Malaya eventually begin dating.

Cadbury crush case

Ultra Car declares herself a "homoromantic asexual trans-chassis woman. Robin uses Faz to give Sarah Palin the Hancock treatment. When Galasso tries to lecture Jeshua, He responds by quoting the book of Matthew. Attack of the Foot Whatever: The Giant Mutant Honey-Bun shows up in both the normal universe, where it's fought by Amber and Mike, and the alternate universe where the Drama Tag was never pulled.

Compare Amber with how Willis draws his wife. At one point Amber got a makeover and was perceived as more attractive in-universe; the makeover mostly made her resemble Willis' wife even more. Willis occasionally makes a cameo as Ethan's arch-nemesis on the Transformers Wikimost notably in one short storyline where he proposed to his girlfriend.

While Willis' views are normally worked into the narrative of the strip, there are occasions where they dramatically shift the focus of the strip entirely: This tends to happen around elections, naturally.

Robin is so impressed by his name she decides she's going to find him and marry him so she can be Mrs. Killmaster, but it turns out he's taken.

Back from the Dead: Not only does Mike come back, somehow Galasso also resurrects Ronald Reagan and later Jesus to work in his store. Mike's revival was left completely unexplained until after his wedding, when Joyce gave a hint to Amber.

Meredith orchestrates one to make Amber's internet boyfriend Nathan less attractive to her. On Robin's advice, Amber tries to convince Faz that she is a lesbian by kissing another woman a cameo appearance of a well-known webcomics critic who happens to be bi in real life but he responds by giving a lecture on the Kinsey Scale.

Robin wishes that her life at Shortpacked! Best Known for the Fanservice: Robin's been a congresswoman key in landmark legislation for two terms with active campaigning for a third term, and before that was a decorated war hero.

All anybody remembers is that one sex tape. Back for the Finale: Dina, with check-ins from several other former employees.

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